SMS V10 Surface Water Modeling System

The SMS 10.0 is now available! We are optimistic that the new features and enhancements will make SMS more productive than ever! The Surface Water Modeling System (SMS) is a comprehensive environment for one-, two-, and three-dimensional hydrodynamic modeling. A pre- and post-processor for surface water modeling and design, SMS includes 2D finite element, 2D finite difference, 3D finite element and 1D backwater modeling tools. Supported models include the USACE-ERDC supported TABS-MD (GFGEN, RMA2, RMA4, SED2D-WES), ADCIRC, CGWAVE, STWAVE, M2D, HIVEL2D, and HEC-RAS models. Comprehensive interfaces have also been developed for facilitating the use of the FHWA commissioned analysis packages FESWMS and Bri-Stars. SMS also includes a generic model interface, which can be used to support models which have not been officially incorporated into the system.

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The numeric models supported in SMS compute a variety of information applicable to surface water modeling. Primary applications of the models include calculation of water surface elevations and flow velocities for shallow water flow problems, for both steady-state or dynamic conditions. Additional applications include the modeling of contaminant migration, salinity intrusion, sediment transport (scour and deposition), wave energy dispersion, wave properties (directions, magnitudes and amplitudes) and others.

New enhancements and developments continue at the Environmental Modeling Research Laboratory (EMRL) at Brigham Young University in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Waterways Experiment Station (USACE-WES), and the US Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

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