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ROBOT Millennium offers an easy, less labour intensive solution for generation of Finite Element Models.
Global Modelling - input surface boundaries not individual element data.
Automatic Mesh Generation for any shape surface.
Attach properties to surfaces and objects, such as supports, materials, loads etc.
Powerful tools for model generation, objects, eg arcs, structural axis, boolean operations etc.
Integrated Design for RC Slabs to many country codes.
Mixed Element Modelling, Beams + Shells, Beams + Solids, Shells + Solids etc.
3,4,6,8 noded plate and shell elements.
Plane Stress, Plane Strain, Axi-symmetric, Volumetric Elements.

Mesh Generation - Very powerful mesh generation techniques are employed within ROBOT Millennium making this often time consuming task a simple operation for any shape of model. Automatic Hole Recognition exists for surfaces with voids etc, auto mesh refinement for subparts, boolean operations for joining, subtracting manipulating intersecting surfaces.

Elements Available and Usage - Plates for analysis and design of slab models, shells for 3D surface models, volumetric for solid modelling, many more advanced types of elements for more specific tasks.

Frame Structures

2D & 3D Frame Capability
Structural Axis - Construction Lines, arbitrary or structured grid, cartesian coordinates, polar coordinates...
Structure Supports – standard (pinned, fixed etc), linear springs, unidirectional (all 6 DOF’s), Damping Coefficients (time history, steady state etc), Nonlinear (Gap-Hook, Bi-Linear, Parabolic, Perfectly Plastic.
Beam/Bar Sections – Standard Database sections (UK, USA, EC, + databases from approx 24 countries – India, Norway, China etc), User Defined (tapered, built up I Sections, T Sections, C Sections + more), Composite Sections (Angles + I Sections, Two I Sections, 2 & 4 Angles Back to Back + Face to Face + more).
Cable Elements
Nonlinearity - Material + Geometric.
Object Based Model Definition - Explode into beams etc...

Loads – UDL, Point Loads (nodes + members), prescribed displacement, cladding loads (pressure loads on members, 1 way/2 way distributed on members), acceleration forces, added masses, body forces, Manual Combinations, Automatic Code Combinations (combine for worst case effects, such as Max Bending, Shear etc), Moving Load generator + more…….
Additional Attributes – Rigid Links (Diaphragm Action, master/slave routine), Member End Releases (intelligent graphical Select), Member Offsets (Manual Definition, Automatic taking into account Local Orientation), Geometrical Imperfections (impose initial stressed state for deflections), Elastic Foundations.
Nonlinearity – Elasto Plastic Definition for Bars (Material Nonlinearity), Pdelta Effects (Large Displacement Theory), Geometric Nonlinearity (incremental – Full & Modified Newton Raphson, Direct Iteration, Arc Length).
Analysis Types – Linear, Nonlinear, Static, Modal, Dynamic, Time History, Seismic, Response Spectrum, Buckling, Steady State Dynamics etc.

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