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PAM-STAMP 2G is a complete, integrated, scalable and streamlined stamping solution. It covers the entire tooling process from quotation and die design through formability and try-out validation, including springback prediction and correction. It provides solutions-oriented tools for Automotive, Aerospace, and General stamping processes.

PAM-STAMP 2G online!
PAM-STAMP 2G allows users to make decisions online, bringing together the design engineer, the material provider, the die designer and the try-out press shop from an early stage of the design right through to production. This web-enabled technology allows images, annotation, text and 3D, models to be shared, thus supporting a truly collaborative engineering environment.

courtesy of Jaguar Cars

PAM-INVERSE: Blank shape prediction
Designed to make a very rapid assessment of a part shape, and to provide a quick estimate of the material selection for product costing, the PAM-INVERSE solution is the entry point into the world of Stamping simulation.

PAM-DIEMAKER: Rapid Die Design
With its robust and fast parametric surfaces engine, PAM-DIEMAKER allows metal forming engineers to focus on rapid draw die design and optimization. PAM-DIEMAKER also ensures optimal data transfer with the user's standard CAD geometry. Time saving is significant. And with PAM-QUIKSTAMP+, a number of different design options can be considered and evaluated quickly… thus resulting in better and smarter tool design.

PAM-QUIKSTAMP+: Fast Feasibility Assessment
PAM-QUIKSTAMP+ enables a rapid evaluation of the draw die design. It represents the optimal compromise between accuracy and computation time, and is designed to work optimally in an iterative loop with PAM-DIEMAKER, saving time and avoiding costly tooling errors.

PAM-AUTOSTAMP: Simulation for Production Validation
With its contemporary solver platform, PAM-AUTOSTAMP handles the final validation of the whole metal forming simulation process. It covers quality control, tolerances, trimming, springback prediction, and compensation. With PAM-AUTOSTAMP, you gain a high level of confidence in the final tool design prior to machining, avoid subsequent recuts, and speed the time to market.

PAM-AUTOSTAMP also provides simulation support for an exceptional range of forming processes, including: stretch forming, fluid forming, rubber pad forming, hot forming, warm forming, and superplastic forming

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