Lattice ispLEVER7.1 with license and SP1

ispLEVER is the complete design environment for the latest Lattice programmable logic products. It includes a comprehensive set of powerful tools for all design tasks, including project management, IP integration, design planning, place and route, in-system logic analysis, and more.

ispLEVER is provided on CD-ROM and DVD for Windows, UNIX, or Linux platforms, and can be ordered from your local sales representative or purchased online. ispLEVER for Windows includes a USB Download Cable.

ispLEVER (Windows) also includes industry leading 3rd party tools from Lattice partners Synplicity (synthesis) and Aldec (simulation).

ispLEVER 7.1
ispLEVER 7.1 is now shipping. With a full set of advanced tools to improve your productivity and design performance, ispLEVER 7.1 is better and easier-to-use than ever before.

ispLEVER for Windows, UNIX and Linux features the industry-leading Synplify Pro® VHDL and Verilog synthesis tool from Synposys®, including tools like HDL Analyst for powerful Verilog and VHDL view/debug. ispLEVER for Windows also includes the very high performance Aldec® Active-HDL Lattice Edition timing and functional simulator, which yields fast simulation simulation results and includes mixed language support.

ispLEVER 7.1 Service Pack 1

Service Pack 1 (SP1) is a downloadable update to the ispLEVER 7.1 tools. To get this update, run the ispUPDATE utility (included with ispLEVER 7.1), or click on the "downloadable software" link at the left side of this web page.

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