FEFLOW FMH3 V5.3.308 license crack download

FEFLOW FMH3 ® ( Finite Element subsurface FLOW system) is one of the most sophisticated software packages available for the modeling of flow and transport processes in porous media under saturated and unsaturated conditions.

Integral components are interactive graphics, a GIS interface, data regionalization and visualization tools and powerful numeric techniques. These components ensure an efficient working process building the finite element mesh, assigning model properties and boundary conditions, running the simulation, and visualizing the results.

FEFLOW FMH3 major features are:

Two or three dimensional modeling
Stationary or instationary simulation
Computation of saturated / variable saturated or unsaturated conditions
Computation of mass and/or heat transport
Integration of chemical reactions and degradation mechanisms
Asorption using sorption isotherms by Henry, Freundlich or Langmuir
Consideration of variable fluid density because of temperature or salt concentration
One and two dimensional finite elements for flow and transport in fractures, channels or tubes
FEFLOW FMH3 is handled exclusively by interactive graphical user interfaces.
The complexity of problem design, problem generation and solution is completely kept in the background.
The system is completely self-explaining
The system is based on a hierarchical structure
FEFLOW FMH3 is available for different operating systems of the UNIX as well as the Windows world.
FEFLOW FMH3 contains more than 1.100.000 lines of code in ANSI C/C++.

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