ASAP 2008 V2R1 Download crack

Breault Research Organization (BRO) has released an enhanced version of the company's Advanced Systems

Analysis Program (ASAP). The ASAP 2008 V2R1 release adds significant capability to the program well

known to the optics industry as the most sophisticated tool available for virtual prototyping of optical

systems and devices.
Industry applications for ASAP include automotive, architectural and specialty illumination design,

simulation of laser systems and other coherent devices, stray light analysis of telescopes and space-

based imaging systems, display modeling, complete biomedical system modeling, micro-optical device

modeling, and others.

“With each new release, BRO is listening to optical engineers and responding with the tools they need

to succeed and innovate,” said Dr. Kyle Ferrio, BRO’s Director of Scientific Software Applications. “

The ASAP 2008 V2R1 release advances optical software in the areas of practical optimization, realistic

polarization effects, and robust opto-mechanical workflow for CAD,” added Ferrio.

ASAP 2008 V2R1 Highlights:

Penalty Functions - Building upon new optimization methods available in ASAP, user-defined penalty

functions have been added to help guide optimization routines toward ideal solutions.
Polarization Enhancements - Realistic Retarder Models have been added to complement Realistic Polarizer

Models, and FRESNEL TIR is now compatible with the new polarization models.
Poincar Sphere Enhancements - Clicking on multiple points within the Poincaré Sphere Visualization Tool

now highlights the points for improved visibility, and interrogation of polarization states.
Roughness and Scatter Models - The ASAP Quick Start Toolbar now includes a larger set of roughness and

scatter models that are grouped by manufacturer where appropriate. Users may drag-and-drop these models

into their systems.
IGES Import Enhancements - ASAP will now automatically detect and interactively manage duplicate

geometry during the IGES import process, and an even wider range of CAD geometries may be imported.
3D Viewer Enhancements - ASAP is now able to more efficiently prepare system geometry for visualization

in the 3D Viewer. Large systems may now be displayed up to twice as fast.
These and other features enable ASAP users in 35 countries to model and analyze the finest details of

optical systems, which means users can depend on their simulations to mirror real-world performance.

ASAP analyses validate designs and support smooth transitions to manufacturing.
Visit BRO's Web site to learn more about ASAP Optical Software and other BRO products and services,

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