Worknc G3 V19.15

WorkNC bietet Strategien und Bearbeitungsverfahren für den Werkzeug-, Formen-, und Modellbau. Besonderes Augenmerk wird dabei auf die möglichst einfache, automatische Erzeugung passender Strategien für das Fräsen von Bauteilen gelegt. WorkNC bietet Strategien für die 2D, 2.5D,3D, 4-Achsen, 5-Achsen , Auto-5Achsen, HVR ( High Volume Roughing), HSC (HighSpeedCutting), HPC (High Performance Cutting) , Drahtschneiden und Laser Bearbeitung an.

Das CAD Modul WorkNC-CAD ist in die Software integriert und bietet dem Anwender die Möglichkeit, Formtrennungen zu definieren, Elektroden zu erzeugen und Flächen für die Bearbeitung aufzubereiten.

SESCOI ist ein weltweit führender Software-Lieferanten für die Einzelfertigung

WorkNC G3 stands for 'third generation' and signifies the arrival of the software's third completely new user interface along with expanded and enhanced functionality.

Famed for its easy and quick programming, WorkNC delivers considerable time savings compared to many other CAM systems.

The new graphic user interface features a single, optimized graphics environment and improved ergonomics allowing toolpaths to be programmed even faster than before.

1- The new, easy-to-use WorkNC user interface

The large customizable graphics area is bordered by a tree structure and contemporarily styled icons and toolbars. With the single interface, geometric elements, positions and toolpaths can all be ergonomically selected directly from the screen, allowing the user to gather information quickly and accurately for subsequent tasks and operations.

New graphic user interface : Features a single, optimized graphics environment and improved ergonomics allowing toolpaths to be programmed even faster than before ...
Optimized CAM ergonomy easy to deploy from within a new single graphic user interface ...
Optimized CAM functions : WorkNC G3 is the consolidation and optimization of CAD/CAM functions which have been tried and tested by thousands of WorkNC users worldwide...
An Integrated CAM/CAD environment which brings you the benefits of a new intuitive interface and unified graphic environment ...

2- WorkNC G3 - new & enhanced CAM functions...

G3.V19 includes new fluid cutterpath algorithms which will reduce machining times and improve surface finish. It also has several new toolpaths, including Z Level Finishing with intelligent lead-ins to avoid marking the part and automatic machining of flat areas in High Torque Re-Roughing.

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