Dynavista-v8.5 for catia v5

With its unique technology, Dynavista brings innovation to the design through manufacturing process for all types of stamping die and molding die. By seamlessly integrating die design and die manufacturing, Dynavista speeds development time and guarantees high quality results. Numerous Japanese automotive OEMs and toolmakers have proved the integrated die and engineering system to work. Dynavista modules include Die Face Design, Press Die Structure Design, Mold Design and 3D Axis Die CAM & 2.5D Axis Die CAM.
A hybrid specification driven modeling system, Dynavista unifies the feature platform and user interface for all applications to allow for the controlled propagation of design intent. Built on Dassault Systemes’ CAA V5 architecture, Dynavista facilitates end-to-end die development and complements other V5 automotive applications. Dynavista enables manufacturers to capture, share and reuse information across the global manufacturing environment, as well as to extend the system to the vast supplier network worldwide. Dynavista allows manufacturers to embed expert know-how into the product with the knowledgeware technology in the V5 environment. Dynavista also manages design rules and formulas to ensure design compliance.
Nihon Unisys, maker of Dynavista, is a recognized leader in Japan, delivering CAD/CAM solutions and consulting services to the automotive industry for the past 30 years. Dynavista enables

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