Moldflow Plastics Advisers v8.0 (MPA)

Optimizing Designs for Manufacturability

Moldflow Plastics Advisers® (MPA®) is easy to use plastics simulation software that allows part and mold designers to optimize their designs during the earliest stages of new product development.

Moldflow Part Adviser
Quickly check the manufacturability of every part design.

Analysis Capabilities

Plastic Filling Analysis
Sink Marks Analysis
Cooling Quality Analysis
Gate Location Analysis
Molding Window Analysis
Key Benefits

Evaluate the manufacturing feasibility of every design iteration
Identify the most suitable plastics material candidate
Optimize the part wall thickness to achieve uniform filling, minimum cycle time, and lowest part cost
Identify and eliminate cosmetic defects such as sink marks, weld lines, and air traps
Visualize the orientation of plastic to maximize part strength, especially in the vicinity of weld lines
Obtain practical, results-specific advice on improving the part design
Determine the best gate locations for a given part design
Estimate the impact of changes to the part design or material selection on the overall part cost
Communicate key design analysis aspects to the mold designer through automated, web-based, HTML project reports

Moldflow Mold Adviser
Optimize runner system designs and mold cavity layouts before cutting steel

Analysis Capabilities

Runner Balance Analysis
Runner Adviser Analysis
Key Benefits

Design and analyze all types of hot and cold runner systems
Automatically size runners to balance flow in multi-cavity and family molds
Determine the best gate locations and the optimum number of gates
Predict estimated cycle time, clamp tonnage, and shot volume
Assess the manufacturing feasibility of the mold design layout
Perform a detailed part cost estimation
Communicate valuable information to plastics part designers, mold builders, and manufacturing engineers using automated reporting tools

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