EFD.Pro-V8.2-For Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire by Flomerics

EFD.Pro is the only fully embedded Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tool forPro/ENGINEER Wildfire. As a Pro/TOOLKIT application, EFD.Pro enables mechanical design engineers to analyze and optimize complex fluid flow and heat transfer effects on their designs directly inside Pro/ENGINEER.
Everyone is fully aware of how quickly you can conduct Finite Element Analysis (FEA) with Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica; however, if your designs involve both fluid and thermal interaction, you may not have all the necessary information you need in order to set-up your model for analysis. These loads in most cases are due to complex thermal or fluid flow phenomena which you either do not have or may receive very late in the design process.

With EFD2MECH, an optional module for EFD.Pro, you now have the option to accurately investigate stresses and deformations due to flow and heat transfer induced loads at the push of a button. EFD2MECH significantly reduces the amount of time necessary for preparing analysis models by ensuring timely access to needed data. It should also be noted that with the addition of EFD2MECH, EFD.Pro does not replace Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica functionality but rather complements its current thermal analysis capabilities with advanced analyses such as radiation.

EFD.Pro has the same “look and feel” as Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire so you are not forced to learn a new interface simply to use the software. And unlike other CFD programs, EFD.Pro interacts directly with the native 3D CAD data defined by Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire – with no translation or copies - in order to keep pace with on-going design changes.

7 Key Technologies distinguish EFD.Pro from traditional CFD software, making it easier to use, more robust, and more accurate. Its sophisticated physical models can simulate a wide range of engineering tasks across a wide range of industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical devices, industrial machinery and pumps/ valves.

EFD.Pro has been used by Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire users around the world to

Improve product performance, functionality and reliability
Reduce physical prototyping as well as production costs
Minimize risk of making design mistakes
In short, if you use Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, you ought to take a closer look at EFD.Pro – the only fluid flow and heat transfer simulation tool that fits into your design process without requiring you to change the way you design products.

Setting New Standards
For analysis to become an integral part of the design process, it must be not only easy to use but also adapt readily to your design process.

Because EFD.Pro is developed by engineers for engineers, it is perhaps the easiest-to-use CFD package commercially available today. Its interface is extremely intuitive and its powerful Wizard guides you through the analysis process. It also contains powerful functionalities to help streamline the analysis process. Once you have analyzed your problem, viewing the results is a matter of point-and-click: simply choose the appropriate options from a menu and the system will quickly generate your desired plots. You can even create and distribute your animated results and quickly generate reports in Microsoft ® Excel and Word including all your favorite plots.

But EFD.Pro takes ease-of-use one step further by fitting into your design environment effortlessly. As a Pro/TOOLKIT application, EFD.Pro sits inside Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire and has the same look and feel as Pro/ENGINEER. Therefore, you don’t need to learn a whole new interface just to use analysis. With EFD.Pro, you simply expand the range of Pro/ENGINEER capabilities to include analysis!

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