ShipConstructor v2008 R2 License crack

ShipConstructor is a world leader in CAD/CAM software for the shipbuilding and offshore industries. Designed from the start specifically for the unique requirements of ship and rig construction, it offers a comprehensive, flexible and reliable suite of capabilities designed to maximize efficiency and enable both design teams and shipyards to deliver on time and on budget.

With over 300 customers on six continents, ShipConstructor has been specifically designed to be tailored to unique, local requirements. Its AutoCAD platform, with seamless compatibility to complementary industry-standard software, is easy to integrate into any work environment.

Whether you are from a huge shipyard building super tankers and semi-sub rigs, or an up-and-coming yard building world class workboats, or a highly-specialized design firm serving a the luxury yacht market, ShipConstructor is the ideal tool to optimize your shipbuilding software solution.
Use the Pipe module to route pipe within the 3D structural model and create 3D spool and arrangement drawings. Based on the pipe catalog with specs and connections, a 3D pipe model can be quickly generated, referencing any number of 3D structure drawings to ensure collision free routing. Interference checking against structure and outfitting allows for worry-free production.


HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) is fully integrated with other modules to ensure that all systems work together smoothly. As a result, time-to-production and rework is drastically reduced. HVAC items can be created on-the-fly or selected from a spec-driven catalog. All HVAC items are logically connected and can be dynamically altered. HVAC is fully supported by ShipConstructor's Interference Checking System, making costly rework a thing of the past.


The Penetrations module lets users easily implement spec-driven penetrations which are controlled by an approval mechanism starting with the proposal of placing a penetration, through sign-off by a specialist, to the final implementation. The Penetrations module comes with predefined Penetration Packages, which are groupings of items such as plates, sleeves, collars and accessories.


ManualNest is tightly integrated into the central database, providing features to nest by assembly, stock, material, surface treatment, port/starboard, like/mirror cut, and full remnant control. Parts changes after nesting can be easily located and re-nested any time, ensuring error-free production.

AutomaticNest allows you to automatically nest all plate parts; then use ManualNest to further optimize the results.


ProfileNest performs linear nesting of profiles onto available stock to optimize utilization and streamline production, including available and used stock control, heat number tracking, and full production reports. Nests can be marked as issued and cut. Any item on such nests are now locked in the product model.


NC-Pyros reliably creates NC-Code for any type of NC-cutting machine, oxy-fuel, plasma, laser, water-jet, or router. The integration with the product model automatically feeds back important information, such as estimated cutting time, processing date, and operator name, completing report data and simplifying any recalls.

NC-Pyros-Bevel allows for adding variable angle cut and multi-torch weld preparation to NC-Pyros.


FlyThrough brings instant virtual reality to ShipConstructor - no file conversions required or other programs to tackle. At the click of a button, the current ShipConstructor drawing is loaded into the FlyThrough module, providing you with the perfect tool to ensure that the models created by the hull, structure, piping, HVAC, and other departments fit together.

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