imold 2008 for solidworks 2008 sp2.1

The IMOLD V8 is SolidWorks 2008 ready which is yet another solid demonstration of Manusoft’s intent to ensure that it is ahead of the competition. Beyond the label and specifications, IMOLD V8 is engineered to attract the attention and imagination of the mold designers worldwide with its significant improvement in all round performance ensuring users of maximum returns to their investments.

IMOLD V8’s new user interface provides users with a fresh and enhanced intuitive experience that will certainly set to spark designers’ imaginations to greater heights. The enhancements to the interface does not just include changes in icons, they also include additions of useful productive tools and toolbars. The IMOLD interface is now improved to decrease mouse travel and events. A new toolbar layout, embedded right mouse menus, and customizable shortcuts increase efficiency and workflow. Getting to commonly used commands and customizing the layout is easier than ever and will benefit new and existing users alike.

Additional Core & Cavity toolbar on part level is one such major introduction to the interface. This new dedicated toolbar for part level is an extraction of commonly used functions pulled out from the main IMOLD toolbar CCB menu. This well placed dedicated tool helps eliminate extra time in searching for required tools from the main menu and certainly contributes tremendously in enhancing user friendliness of IMOLD.

Another new tool developed in IMOLD V8 is Parameter Manager which is a complete set of functions designers can use to better manage references, associations, mates and other parameters. The Parameter Manager is one of the new innovations in IMOLD V8 that is designed also to enhance processing speed when using IMOLD. It allows users to lock or unlock references. Once the references are locked, the system performance is enhanced and the memory usage is reduced. The result: a significant increase in the processing speed of the software, which now allows designers to work with large mold assemblies faster than ever and they are now provided with new tools for large mold assembly management. Mr Chiang said, “We have received numerous feedbacks from our users of their need to be able to work on a mold design software that does not slow down as they progressively create and save more parts and files, particularly when working in large assemblies. The IMOLD V8 is designed with this requirement as one of its development cornerstones.”

Other significant enhancements in IMOLD V8 include in such areas as Drawings, Smart Points, Preparing the Product, Tooling Split Tagging, Information, User Defined Cooling, and others. For full details on the new features and enhancements, please refer to What s New in IMOLD V8.

Mold design professionals will certainly look forward to a significantly noticeable difference in the user interface of IMOLD. The great reduction in the overall design lead time made possible with the tremendous innovations and enhancements in the new IMOLD V8 is expected to be most welcomed by the industry

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