High performance and robust fillet creation for complex support shape

-High robustness guaranteed by specifically developed own geometric engine
-Variety of functions such as variable radius, chord length specification, variable radius/independent end
-High flexibility realized by separated or combined running of fillet creation and merger

Interactive DIE FACE DESIGN support for automotive stamping die. Die face design cycle requires combination of easy to use and very quick die face specific shape creation and good performance design evaluation functions from press forming severity evaluation point of view. Dynavista DIE FACE DESIGN meets this requirement. It provides easy to use die face specific shape creation functions together with simplified press forming severity evaluation functions. It will enable users to complete good quality die face design with minimum design time in fully parametric environment.
Die face specific shape creation with simplified formability check
-Simplified forming severity evaluation functions realizes trial and error in design process.
-Easy to estimate flange expansion and spring back
-Die face specific shape creation such as extrapolated surface, addendum shape and bead
Fast mold die design applicable from small & medium to large scale
-Ease of use realized by maximum introduction of 2D like operation and functions
-Flexible size/position change is available
-Automatic transformation of design attributes to machining attributes which realizes strong association with CAM process (Dynavista Die CAM modules)
Benefits :
Simplified formability check functionality
Flange expansion estimation
Die face specific shape creation
Formability related surface/curve deformation functions
Direct linkage to Dynavista 3D AXIS DIE CAM

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