CoventorWare 2008

The only simulation tool available for quickly and accurately evaluating the behavior of a MEMS device in a surrounding system

Design engineers can efficiently simulate complex MEMS devices and MEMS-based products, including inertial sensors, RF switches, resonators and oscillators, and optical mirrors with the CoventorWare-ARCHITECT™ module. ARCHITECT goes way beyond the limitations of simple SPICE-based models and macro-models derived from FEA.
With ARCHITECT, you will:

create your designs faster, using the world’s most comprehensive MEMS component library
significantly reduce your product development time by means of extraordinarily fast simulation speeds
perform fast system-level simulations with finite-element accuracy
simulate very complex designs where finite-element analysis would be impractical
achieve more "first-time-right" designs
maximize your design creativity
not be constrained by software limitations, when using your legacy design tools and data
conveniently specify your process sequence and materials in one place for subsequent use in all CoventorWare modules
create 2D layouts of your MEMS design that include true (not segmented) arcs and curves – essential for efficient finite element analysis
import and export layouts in widely used formats such as GDSII and DXF
perform MEMS-specific design rule checks on your layouts
automatically generate 3D solid models from 2D layouts
quickly prepare solid models for meshing, and automatically generate efficient meshes for high-aspect ratio MEMS structures, view meshes, and do mesh quality checks
import and export solid models in widely used CAD formats
model the foundry process that will be used to fabricate your MEMS design
jump start your design by choosing from among the included Foundry Access Kits for more than 10 standard MEMS fabrication processes
investigate the impact of alternative foundries or changes in the processing sequence
quickly investigate packaging options by accessing a library of 3D models of standard MEMS packages
Foundry Access Kits include a process sequence, material properties, a layout template with all necessary layers, and design rule checks (DRCs). MEMS foundries can use DESIGNER to create their own access kits, or partner with Coventor to distribute their access kit to Coventor’s worldwide customer base.
With ANALYZER, you can:

simulate the physical behavior of your MEMS or microfluidics design using the most appropriate, best-of-breed 3D field solvers
perform multi-physics simulations that are critical to MEMS, such as coupled electro-mechanics and fluid-structure interaction
explore a variety of design concepts to find out which ones work
perform parametric studies to optimize your design
investigate manufacturing effects such as residual stress
understand the impact of changes in the fab process and material properties
incorporate packaging effects such as the effects of ambient temperature and pressure
predict or validate experimental measurements
validate simulation results from other tools
CoventorWare 2008

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