Autofrom v4.1.2 MSK

This section is only relevant if you have used a previous version of AutoForm.
The main advantages for Windows users are:
Support of Windows XP x64 (64 bit).
The incremental solver runs in parallel mode.
Zero footprint installation
(no interference with other software installations).
Reduced dependency on the third party software due to easier installation. The AutoForm software can now be installed without Services for UNIX (SFU) and without the necessary environmental adjustments.

Data compatibility
AutoForm 4.1.2 ensures backward compatibility of its .sim-files. That means all sime files can be used without any conversion between the versions 4.1.0, 4.1.1 and 4.1.2. In addition the user-interface of version 4.1.2 (xaf_4.1.2.exe) can open sim-files created with older versions. It will automatically convert them to the current sim-file format. Such sim-files can then be used by the 4.1.X solvers. It is not possible that the 4.1.X solvers work directly with sim-files from earlier versions, including version 4.0, nor is it possible that the 4.1.X solvers are started from other user-interface versions than
4.1.X. Due to the parametric formulation of AutoForm-DieDesigner and due to modified algorithms in version 4.1.X, the converted geometry may be slightly different from that originally created with older major versions (4.0X and older).

Concurrent use of AutoForm 4.1.2 and previous versions AutoForm 4.1.2 is a patch release based on AutoForm 4.1.0/4.1.1. It can be installed
together with AutoForm 4.1.0 and replaces AutoForm 4.0X and earlier versions. There
should be no need to use 4.0 and 4.1 concurrently. If they are used concurrently, anyhow, certain restrictions will apply. If you intend to use version 4.1 together with an older major release, such as version 4.0X, please review the following remarks carefully:
o AutoForm 4.1.2 must be installed in a separate directory (AF_4.1.2) and cannot be merged with older release versions (for example with version 4.1.0). This will allow the usage of different releases concurrently with own configuration files for each release.
o If you changed the default settings for version 4.0X or 4.1.X in one of the configuration files (for example in AutoForm.cfg) and intend to continue using these settings with version 4.1.2, you have to redo the changes in the configuration files of version 4.1.2. Please do not simply overwrite a new configuration file with an old one, since the new files contain new default settings that were not present in the older version.
System Requirements RAM:

Minimum 1 GB, recommended 2 GB (XP32); 4 GB (XP64) or more

Disk space: 500 MB including third party software

Supported Windows versions:
o Windows XP Professional SP2
o Windows XP Professional x64 SP2

AutoForm 4.1.2 is NOT supported on:
o Windows ME
o Windows NT
o Windows 2000
o Windows XP Home Edition
o Windows Vista

Supported Windows platforms for FLEXnet 10.8 (only for Floating licenses):
o Windows Server 2003
o Windows XP Professional SP2
o Windows XP Professional x64 SP2

Additional hints:
o AutoForm requires a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 or higher.
o AutoForm must be installed on an NTFS file system. To check whether your file
system is NTFS, check the properties of the drive where AutoForm should be installed (usually C:\).
o AutoForm must be installed on a machine with a network adapter even though
the machine does not need to be connected to a network.
o AutoForm requires the following third party software:
Hummingbird Exceed 2007 ( or higher on XP32, or
higher on XP64) Hummingbird Exceed 3D ( or higher on XP32, or higher on XP64) These software packages are included in the installation media and will be installed if “Typical Installation” is chosen in the Master Setup.

The Hummingbird packages contain only the data required to run AutoForm 4.1.2. These are not full copies of the distributions shipped by the original suppliers.

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