Ansoft.Maxwell. v12.0

Maxwell is the leading electromagnetic field simulation software used for the design and analysis of 3D/2D structures, such as motors, actuators, transformers and other electric and electromechanical devices common to automotive, military/aerospace, and industrial systems. Based on the Finite Element Method (FEM), Maxwell accurately solves static, frequency-domain and time-varying electromagnetic and electric fields.

Maxwell v12 improves engineering productivity, reduces development time, and assures first-pass design success. New Distributed Analysis and multi-processing enhancements allow users to solve very complex, electromagnetically large geometry faster and to expand beyond what they ever thought possible with simulation technology. Additionally, Maxwell v12 includes new automation features, user-interface refinement, and data linking capability, making it easy to design, simulate, and validate complex, high-performance electromechanical and electromagnetic devices.

What s new in v12?

3D electric transient solver
Revised interface for Maxwell 2D:
Improved 2D modeling with editable geometry history
Extended undo/redo history
Complete scripting capability
Enhanced post-processing
RZ support for AC conduction
Animated field plots of parametric solutions
Multiple designs in a single project
Multiple projects in a single desktop
Advanced product coupling capability with Simplorer? HFSS?and ePhysics?
New report editor for better usability
New Genetic Algorithm in Optimetrics?
Microsoft Windows?Server 2003 x64 Edition suppo

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