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SmartPlant Review is the complete visualization environment for interactively reviewing and analyzing large, complex 3D models of process and power plants. The software provides all the visualization tools you need to review designs during engineering, construction, or maintenance – in one powerful application.

SmartPlant Review supports the entire plant design workflow. During design, SmartPlant Review provides views from any perspective so layouts can be reviewed more effectively than with traditional engineering models. To facilitate project approvals by management and clients, SmartPlant Review allows clear presentations that technical and non-technical audiences easily understand.

SmartPlant Review is at home in the design center, on the road, in the plant office, and on the plant floor. You can display the entire plant model and associated data at any remote location, totally independent of the office network. SmartPlant Review is a modular, scaleable, flexible visualization environment.
SmartPlant® Review
SmartPlant® Review

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Key Features

Take advantage of a vivid and colorful 3D environment for interactively reviewing designs and identifying problems graphically. Real-time, high-resolution dynamic navigation enables a variety of 3D motions:

* Walk-throughs
* Fly-throughs
* Fly-arounds
* Other path or dynamics-based motions

Data management

Access associated project data, from environmental compliance information to equipment specs. You can attach virtually any external data file to any object in your model. External data files include:

* Notepad – Data annotation
* Microsoft Word – Datasheets
* Animations – Maintenance instructions
* Microsoft Excel – Material lists


SmartPlant Review is ideal for creating animation, poster-sized stills, and other presentation images with the following features:

* Tags
* Object Attributes
* Text and Data Annotation
* External Data
* Query
* Measurement
* Output
* Encircling
* Near and Far Clipping Plane

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