TopSolid v2008 (c)MISSER

TopSolid 2008 has been designed to specifically provide solutions for our customers needs. This new 2008 release offers new features for design and manufacturing in mechanical engineering, tool making and wood industry. Just watch them and enjoy!

N.B.: Some others demonstrations will be online soon for other modules (TopSolid'Cam, TopSolid'Mold etc...). Just stay tuned!

TopSolid'Design 2008:
More tools to design and manage more efficiently and quickly
Slave parts
Components server
Complete integration with TopSolid’Pdm
More powerful and stable 2D draft generation
Improved ergonomy
New sheet metal features
New interfaces
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TopSolid'Design 2008 : Powerful CAD for mechanical engineering
TopSolid’Design is a fully integrated and associative CAD software enabling the operator to draft and design products more efficiently. Kinematics, structural calculation, sheet metal processing and mechanical components form an integral part of the software and improve efficiency in the design process. Discover the principal improvements of the 2008 version, among the many new functions this version has to offer.


New tabs to prioritise and find information in the construction tree
Dynamic cross sections with modification handles
Distance analysis with graphical display of results
New properties editor
Sketch and curves

New distance and symmetry constraints
New offset contour
Horizontal/vertical and tangent mode short-cuts now available
Automatic scaling of the contour

Repeat fillets and chamfers
Drilling on a group of points or sketch
Copy face enhancements
Trimming and automatic sewing
Sheet metal

Flange and swept flange
Automatic Edge Covering
Operations on a lateral face
Unfold/fold operations of conical parts
New unstamping parameters (penetration radius…)

Components server to optimise performances
Quick access to preferred components
2D Drafts

Hooking stability
2D Draft creation of a slave part
Customised hatching functions
Multiple indexing with information
Selection of dimensions with tolerances
Interrupted view following the X and Y directions
New interfaces: SolidWorks, SolidEdge, 3D PDF, Spatial

Higher quality and increased productivity with TopSolid’Cam 2008
Reproduction of an operations plan on a different part
Management of angular strokes in 5 axis machines
Mouse facing with management of tool paths leaning on faces or curves
Edition of the geometry of drilling cycles
Automatic recognition of drillings for axial and radial operations
New plunge roughing finishing cycle for deep parts
New functions for 3D machining cycles
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Higher quality and productivity with TopSolid’Cam 2008
Machine simulation, collision check, spindle synchronization, raw part updating and visualization of material removal are important elements of TopSolid’Cam for tool path programming. Discover here what’s new in TopSolid’Cam 2008: the preferred solution of manufacturers and sub-contractors in the aerospace, automobile, machine-tool and general mechanical engineering fields.

Reproduction of the operations plan

Reproduce all or part of the operations plan on another part (which may be completely different)
Save and re-use company know-how
Mouse facing

Available in TopSolid’Cam for many years this updated function now enables the operator to manage tool diameter corrections, to create tool paths leaning on solid faces or to follow predefined curves
Edition of the geometry of drilling cycles

Addition or removal of the geometry to be machined
Interactive modification of tool path optimisation
Automatic recognition of drillings for axial and radial operations

Generation of automatic cycles after feature detection
Contour milling by plunge roughing

Management of new tools to carry out finishing operations by plunge roughing
A response to market trends
New functions for 3D milling

Better material management in roughing operations to prevent the part becoming fragile
Left material machining in several passes
New cycles for machining planar faces
Management of angular strokes of 5 axis machines bigger than 1 revolution

Optimisation of 5 axis tool paths
Automatic unwinding of the head when it reaches the limit of its strokes

Automatic management of the driven point of staggered drills
Management of pockets whose walls are not vertical (aerospace parts)
Division of drilling operations in multifunction machining (automatically machining 2 holes at the same time)
TopSolid’Cam 2008 compatible with Windows Vista