CODEV-9.8 (C)Opticalres

In addition to such basic capabilities as lens modeling and spot diagrams, CODE V has a vast array of technical, graphical, and ease-of-use features. The following list of "key features" is just a small subset of what is available. See the technical description for a more detailed look at capabilities.

Optimization (including Global Synthesis)
Ease of use (GUI interface and commands)
Extensive built-in libraries of optical system models (patents, etc.), components, and optical glass
Extensive graphics (pictures, data plots, shaded displays), including 3D visualizations and diffraction-based image simulations
Database/modeling Features
Tolerancing (including extremely fast and accurate wavefront differential tolerancing)
Interferogram interface (supports computer-aided closed-loop alignment)
Non-sequential surface modeling for unusual systems
Powerful command language (with Macro-PLUS programming)
Fast 2D Image Simulation with an input bitmap file (including diffraction)
CODE V is the most comprehensive "tool box" for optical modeling, design and analysis available today.

CODE V is the most comprehensive optical design and analysis program in the world. For nearly thirty years, it has led the way with a long series of innovations. These include:

Zoom/multi-configuration optimization and analysis
Environmental/thermal analysis
Fast wavefront differential tolerancing for MTF, RMS wavefront error, fiber coupling efficiency, polarization dependent loss, and Zernike wavefront coefficient performance metrics
User-defined constraints in optimization
Interferometric interface and optical alignment
Non-sequential surface modeling
Vector diffraction calculations including polarization
Global Synthesis®, the first practical global optimization method for optical design
And many more
Recent improvements include extensions to the powerful Macro-PLUS programming language, a graphical user interface (GUI), and several new features for analysis of illumination in optical systems. As with all features of CODE V, these new capabilities offer outstanding depth, generality, and applicability to real-world problems.

CODE V helps its users to obtain accurate results quickly and easily - the very essence of productivity. Ease-of-use is an important factor in productivity. A simple graphical user interface (GUI) allows novice and occasional users to get basic results quickly with familiar pulldown menus and other simple mouse operations. Frequent users find that the logical command structure and intelligent default assumptions help them to solve problems with efficiency and confidence. Advanced users appreciate CODE V's completeness and the built-in Macro-PLUS programming language that allows them to customize CODE V output easily.

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