Cadence-MMSIM-V6.2 For LinUx86 &Win

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS), the leader in global electronic-design innovation, unveiled Cadence(R) Virtuoso(R) Multi-Mode Simulation (release MMSIM 6.2), the electronic design industry's first end-to-end simulation and verification solution for custom IC that uses a common, fully integrated database of netlists and models to simulate analog, RF, memory, and mixed-signal designs and design blocks. This breakthrough allows designers to switch from one simulation engine to another without compatibility issues or interpretation impacts, so consistency, accuracy, and design coverage are improved, while cycle time and risk are reduced. The overall result is lower cost of adoption, support, and ownership, and faster time to market.

Virtuoso Multi-Mode Simulation is tightly integrated with the new Virtuoso custom design environment, enabling a complete design-to-verification methodology. In addition, Virtuoso Multi-Mode Simulation provides an innovative and cost-efficient token-based licensing model that allows designers to optimize their usage of different simulation technologies. This model significantly reduces the adoption and support costs typically associated with using multiple simulation technologies from different vendors.

"IBM Global Engineering Solutions deals with a broad range of designs every day, from high-end foundry devices to memories, SERDES, standard cells, I/Os, cores and microprocessors. We regularly use Virtuoso Spectre Circuit Simulator, Virtuoso Spectre XL for RF design, Virtuoso UltraSim and Virtuoso AMS Designer simulators for circuit simulation, RF analysis, and full chip mixed signal verification," said Mark Merrill, Director of IBM Silicon Solutions Engineering and IP Development. "Cadence Multi-Mode Simulation, based on common technology and infrastructure, has provided our designers with a reliable verification solution improving productivity and reducing support costs."

"National Semiconductor uses the complete Cadence Virtuoso Multi-Mode Simulation components, so we see immediate benefits to having an integrated, easy-to-choose simulation model," said Bill Meier, Senior CAD Manager of National Semiconductor. "This solution has enabled thorough verification throughout the design cycle of our leading edge analog products like power management, data converters, and communications interfaces."

"The ground-breaking Cadence Virtuoso Multi-Mode Simulation enables verification throughout the design cycle, across design teams, and even across device types," said Charlie Giorgetti, corporate vice president of marketing for Virtuoso and Allegro Platforms at Cadence. "Customers demand front-to-back design solutions for advanced design. Virtuoso Multi-Mode Simulation addresses design verification challenges for the entire spectrum of custom IC designs at various design domains while being tightly integrated with the new Virtuoso custom design environment, enabling a complete design-to-verification methodology."

Virtuoso Multi-Mode Simulation Supports Kits
The new Virtuoso Multi-Mode Simulation supports the recently released Cadence AMS Methodology Kit, RF Design Methodology Kit, and Low Power Methodology Kit. All three kits offer advanced methodologies and best practices using, among other things, Cadence Virtuoso Multi-Mode Simulation for verification.

What's New in Virtuoso MMSIM 6.2—Tiered Enhancements
Virtuoso MMSIM 6.2 provides a holistic, integrated simulation solution and shared licensing model that better meet diverse customer needs. This solution includes Virtuoso Spectre Circuit Simulator, Virtuoso UltraSim Full Chip Simulator, and Virtuoso AMS Designer. Each of these simulators includes tiered configurations with enhancements tailored to specific levels of design complexity. All are tightly integrated into the Virtuoso Platform Analog Design Environment.

Cadence Virtuoso Spectre Circuit Simulator L

Fast, accurate SPICE-level simulation; optimized engine provides up to 3x performance improvement over traditional SPICE tools
Enhanced Monte Carlo analysis reduces simulations by a factor of up to 10x
Virtuoso Spectre Circuit Simulator XL

Integrated analog, RF and high-speed IC simulation capabilities
Enhanced frequency-domain mutli-rate harmonic balance engine for fast, accurate simulation of high dynamic range, weakly non-linear RF circuits
Patented time-domain shooting algorithm optimized for highly non-linear circuits
New flow for analysis of analog noise and jitter analysis in phase-locked loops, the root cause of silicon re-spins in many mixed-signal SoC designs
Virtuoso UltraSim Full-Chip Simulator L

Fast, high-capacity, SPICE-accurate transistor-level simulation for pre- and post-layout verification at block- and full-chip level for analog, mixed-signal, RF, memory and SoC designs
Virtuoso UltraSim Full-Chip Simulator XL

High-performance digital solver for fast verification of multi-million-transistor custom digital designs with up to 10X better performance
Easy-to-use flow for electromigration and IR drop analysis supports electrical verification of memories and large analog/mixed signal designs
Virtuoso AMS Designer

Mixed-signal simulation with easy access to Virtuoso Spectre L, Virtuoso Spectre XL, Virtuoso UltraSim L and Virtuoso UltraSim XL when needed
Enhanced mixed-signal RF with integration to Virtuoso Spectre XL
Significant performance improvements when used with Virtuoso UltraSim XL for SoC verification

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