the new features and enhancements provide the following main benefits:

The release of version 4.1.1 supplements the June release of version 4.1 with important enhancements offering increased accuracy and efficiency. This new release significantly enhances the performance of the core solver and improves the accuracy of the results.

The newly introduced adaptive mesh de-refinement for higher accuracy has a substantial effect on the simulation results. The accurate simulation results, in particular the precise stress distribution, are important for accurate springback calculation. As a result, the users can rely on an accurate final validation of tool and process layout, including springback simulation and springback compensation – the challenging topics in the sheet metal forming industry.

Accurate Springback Calculation and Springback Compensation: AutoForm's new springback feature automatically modifies tooling surfaces based on a precise springback calculation. Die-face engineers can directly take into account springback results and compensate the appropriate tool geometry. The compensated tool geometry is automatically used as new input for rapid and accurate tooling validation. As a result, more reliable process layouts are realized during early planning phases -- as AutoForm springback compensation minimizes the risk of later, costly changes of tooling or processes due to springback effects.

Precise Geometry Modelling: Significant improvements in geometry modelling are achieved by introducing morphing technology. By modifying wall angles, unfolding part areas and performing in-plane modification of details, keeping the regions outside of the morphing untouched, the user can easily evaluate the best geometry model and optimize the process.

More Efficient Die Development Process: The die development process can be shortened considerably using the new substitution and offset skins provided by AutoForm 4.1.1 Even the original, imperfect surfaces can be substituted by a watertight skin early in the development process. Watertight skins are required for CAD solid design. As a result, solid die design can be started at an earlier stage. Moreover, an additional skin, offset by a large value, can be generated fully automatically. Such offset skins are required for the casting model's solid design. Consequently, the die castings can be launched earlier, reducing the lead time by several weeks.

Accurate Forming Forces: AutoForm 4.1.1 is able to calculate accurate forming forces. Knowing the exact forming force, the user can define the adequate press equipment required for reliable production, at an early stage of the development process.

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