Zuken's CR-5000 Board Designer provides an intuitive, integrated environment for designing PCBs, BGAs and MCMs. It serves to guide the user, via a common user interface, from schematic capture, floorplanning, placement and routing, analysis and into manufacturing. It operates seamlessly across Unix and Windows platforms combining the functionality of a high-end tool with ease of use. While rules are constant throughout the design process, they are dynamically linked to ensure flexibility and consistency.

1. A single, intuitive environment with a coherent approach throughout the design process, easy links between tools, and a common database and libraries.
2. Rules-driven design for correct-by-construction outcomes.
3. An optimized combination of automatic, semi-automatic and interactive functionality to maximize design productivity.
4. Design partitioning that facilitates intelligent, concurrent engineering: especially useful for large or complex products and for the re-use of proven circuits.
5. Re-use of proven circuit blocks saves time.

The CR-5000 EDA design suite provides the most advanced PCB design functionality currently available. It is constraints driven, from schematic capture through board layout, to the output of manufacturing data. This means that the rules you apply early in the design process are maintained right through to manufacturing. So products are right first time, manufacturable first time, and get to market fast. A common component database is used throughout the process, so design, bill-of-materials (BOM) generation and manufacturing processes are based on a common data set. Efficiency is driven up, waste and re-work are eliminated. Amongst its other advanced features, CR-5000 supports advanced technologies such as build-up to facilitate miniaturization, automatic routing to speed up and optimize PCB layout, early design verification to eliminate design iterations (particularly in high-speed circuits), and RF design. It enables design re-use to prevent unnecessary duplication of effort, design partitioning to facilitate teams of individuals working on the various elements of a design simultaneously, and 3D viewing/editing for component placement and package optimization. CR-5000 is constantly developed and adjusted to new technologies in co-operation with our customers, to enable them to face to the challenges of the future.

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