Cadence IC6.11 design for Linux

Personal consumer electronics and wireless products have become the dominant force in today's global electronics market. And relentless demand for new features and functionality in these devices is driving unprecedented growth in RF, analog, and mixed-signal applications. To create new products that fulfill this demand, IC designers must manipulate precise analog quantities—voltages, currents, charges, and continuous ratios of parameter values such as resistance and capacitance. This is when companies turn to custom design.

Full-custom design maximizes performance while minimizing area and power. However, it requires significant handcrafting by a select set of engineers with very high skill levels. In addition, custom analog circuits are more sensitive to physical effects, which are exacerbated at new, nanometer process nodes. To streamline the process of designing custom ICs and integrating them into end products, semiconductor and systems companies need sophisticated software and flow methodologies to meet time-to-market and time-to-volume goals. The Cadence Virtuoso custom design platform provides an exceptionally fast and silicon-accurate way to design custom analog, RF, and mixed-signal ICs.

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