Tebis CAD/CAM v3.3 R7

Tebis Version 3.3 R7
With the shipment of Version V3.3 R7 this past July, our clients have received another update to Version 3.3. In addition to numerous optimizations and a few new functions V3.3 R7 also includes a new floating solution.

Working with a dual screen: Tebis may be used on a seat with two monitors. The user can freely define which area the view window will use for the model representation and also how large the area will be in which masks can be placed. This means you will maintain the free view of your model despite several opened masks, and you can individually define your working surface. Depending on the selected size, the monitor will still provide space for additional programs, such as an e-mail client. A dual screen solution allows for more efficiency due to the simultaneous display of more information.

The display on each monitor is 1600 x 1200 pixels, making an area of 2400 x1200 pixels available to the Tebis application. The free screen space on the second monitor (800 x 1200 pixels) keeps and additional program window visible, for example, for an e-mail client.
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New floating solution: With the delivery of V3.33 R7, the previous FlexLM-based Floating Licence Management for Tebis software solutions has been discontinued. Together with the Tebis software, floating clients will now receive a Tebis proprietary floating solution (Tebis FLM ) providing them with all the benefits of a single-source software solution. As an integrated component of the Tebis software, the Tebis FLM solution is independent from the release cycles of an external floating solution (FlexLM). Any updates will be received together with the Tebis CAD/CAM software. This means that problems of the past, such as the Tebis software not being available because other software at your business is also using the license, will no longer be experienced. Because of differing development statuses of FlexLM, integrated by various software providers into their products, license servers frequently experienced instabilities resulting occasionally in the worst-case scenario of a failure of the floating license management.

In addition to increased failure safety, the Tebis FLM provides further advantages:

Individual check-out/-in procedure: During the previous FlexLM procedure, an available license was received from the server when activating the corresponding modules; this license was returned to the server when leaving the module. This caused problems in the practical application. If, for example, a user left the NC2AX module during NC programming of a 2.5D machining process, in order to perform a minor design adjustment to the model, it could happen that ?when reactivating the NC2AX module ?the required license was no longer available, because it had been requested by another user

To enable continuity, the Tebis FLM solution permits a manual check-out of the required licenses directly in the Tebis user GUI. They will be available to the user until they are returned to the server by the user, or the Tebis software is exited.

Improved performance: With considerably faster reaction times, the Tebis FLM solution makes sure that licenses will be assigned in ultra-short times, even in large installations with a large number of users requesting licenses from the license server.

The manually checked-out licenses for feature and 2.5D machining are marked as 刬n use?at the user磗 seat.
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