Eagleware_GENESYS_2007 With SP1(C) Agilent

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced Momentum GX, an industry-proven planar 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulator designed to significantly expand the accuracy and range of passive circuit libraries, including parasitic models and entire circuits. Fully integrated with the powerful Genesys EDA platform, formerly known as Eagleware-Elanix Genesys, the Agilent Momentum GX enables RF and microwave designers to reduce design steps and speed the design and verification process for complex RF and microwave passive circuit designs.

The Agilent Genesys platform, with its new Momentum GX functionality, combines integrated linear, layout, harmonic balance, SPICE and RF system synthesis with powerful 3D-planar EM simulation into a single, affordable multi-lingual environment. As a result, the Agilent Momentum GX is ideal for helping designers achieve cost-effective, first-pass design accuracy without ever leaving the Genesys design flow.

Agilent's Momentum GX 3D-planar EM simulator accurately characterizes and improves passive circuit performance. It has the ability to analyze arbitrary design geometries, including multi-layer structures, and can also accurately simulate complex EM effects such as coupling and parasitics. Momentum GX features both full-wave and quasi-static EM solvers. The full-wave EM solver provides accurate simulation of open-boundary problems, can simulate structures with novel, arbitrary shapes, and is capable of full dispersion and radiation simulation. The quasi-static solver enables significantly faster simulation of much larger, complex circuits without sacrificing accuracy.

"As traditional RF and microwave component designs move higher in frequency, the accuracy of physical design verification becomes a key focus of the design cycle," said Mounir Adada, product marketing manager with Agilent's EEsof EDA division. "As a highly cost-effective and accurate solution, Momentum GX addresses the needs of today's resource-limited, self-supporting RF workgroups that want to create high-quality designs and speed them to the marketplace. With essential RF and microwave simulation capabilities at a price that appeals to even the most budget-conscious designer, Momentum GX makes an enterprise-grade EM tool now available to the rest of the RF community."

Agilent's Genesys software is an integrated EDA platform for RF and microwave design. With a powerful design flow that spans from initial system architecture through final documentation, Genesys provides state-of-the-art performance in a single, easy-to-use design environment that is fast, powerful and accurate

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