ShipConstructor v2008 License crack

ShipConstructor Launches Next Generation Shipbuilding Platform

Victoria, BC, Canada, Friday 27th July 2007

ShipConstructor Software Inc. (SSI), a world leader in ship design software systems, today
launched its next-generation shipbuilding platform. ShipConstructor® 2008 delivers a new standard in
advanced AutoCAD-based, three-dimensional product modeling and production planning software.
“SC 2008 is an immensely powerful tool designed to meet our customers’ needs for reliable, userfriendly,
integrated software design and production capability for even the most complex and specialized
marine applications,” said Rolf G. Oetter, president and CEO, SSI.

To accomplish these customer-focused goals, the SC 2008 design team greatly enhanced the parametric
modeling functionality introduced in the SC 2006 version, incorporated key data from customer needs
analyses, conducted extensive beta testing by long-term users, and undertook a rigorous quality assurance
process. In addition, SC 2008 leverages the wealth of AutoCAD capabilities which significantly reduce
the time it takes to migrate to a ShipConstructor solution and simplify data exchange with other parties.
SC 2008 is completely compatible with many powerful programs such as Inventor, Rhino, MaxSurf,
Multisurf, NavisWorks and all versions of SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005.

The ShipConstructor team is currently completing and testing the much-anticipated Split & Merge
capability for release later this year. “This new function facilitates collaborative shipbuilding and floating
offshore project development between engineering design teams in a completely secure IT environment,”
said Steve Ivison, project manager, software development, SSI. “It will be easy to outsource portions of a
project to subcontractors while maintaining overall control and concurrent engineering through periodic

Over 6,000 ShipConstructor software licenses are used by more than 300 organizations on six continents,
including the U.S. Navy, Dubai Drydocks, Austal Ships, Genoa Design, Vripack Yachting International
and Labroy Offshore.


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