PlantSpace Design Series V8.x (c)Bentley

3D parametric equipment modeling
Bentley PlantSpace Equipment helps you create and edit mechanical equipment in a 3D environment. The system is built on powerful object-oriented technology, yet it is easy to use and customize. It provides parametric modeling and allows you to use existing equipment libraries, as well PlantSpace Equipment comes complete with mechanical equipment types commonly used in building and plant design (such as pumps, tanks and heat exchangers). A full selection of nozzle types also provides full connectivity to piping.
PlantSpace Equipment works seamlessly with other Bentley design and information management technologies and can integrate with your plant and business systems, making the most of your valuable information investments
PlantSpace Design Series software is a suite of 3-D design and modeling applications. This series is scalable to address the requirements at hand, whether a user is creating a small project, reusing an existing drawing, or designing an entire plant. A user can run a project independently on the desktop, or a work group can collaborate over a local-area network or global wide-area network, sharing a common plant model.