SMIRTDieShop v6.06 SMIRTDieNC - V2.26 (C) VERO Smirtware

SMIRTDieShop™ lets die makers, pattern makers, machinists, foremen and other users extract the information they need to build a die directly from a solid model without the need to generate detailed plots and/or drawings (a true paperless environment). This functionality has proven itself in many of our customer sites (see Customer List).
Recognizing that shop floor personnel are getting paid to build dies and not be CAD/CAM operators, SMIRTDieShop™ has been designed to be very easy to use with minimal training required.
SMIRTDieShop™ uses a simple, intuitive interface for all operations (no icons to memorize). The software contains all the standard orthogonal and isometric views, plus powerful & easy to use sectioning capabilities. All sections and views can be detailed using “attribute intelligent” balloons or dimensioned directly in 3D using fast and easy ordinate, standard and angular dimensioning tools. Complete stock list information combined with height marks and notes can be applied to the model as desired by the user.