TOPSOLID.2007 v68.200 (c) MISSLER

TopSolid 2007 is a fully associative 2D / 3D CAD system for mechanical
assemblies design and drafting's.

TopSolid 2007 can be used as a pure 2D CAD system or as integrated 3D/2D
CAD system taking advantage of the bi-directional associativity
between 3D Design and 2D Drafting layout. TopSolid is the core product
of a complete range of fully integrated mechanical applications.
(TopCam for machining, TopMold for injection Molding, TopPunchCut
for sheet metal). When you use TopSolid in conjunction with TopCam,
TopMold, TopFold, TopPunch or TopControl modules, you can keep the
benefits of the parametric associative TopSolid database from design
to machining and control.