Stoll M1 V3.8

Stoll now offers optimized intarsia yarn feeders as an option for almost all models or gauges* of the new Stoll CMS generation. Their compact design, which now enables even closer yarn feeder staggering, is new (Fig. 1). And as a result, even more colors can be used within a certain fabric width: The space required for eight color fields is reduced from a previous 5,5" to 4". For instance, this enables the classic argyle pattern with the smallest possible diamond size of 2" (Fig. 2).

The additional weight reduction of the intarsia yarn feeders also makes an even more exact stopping of yarn feeders possible, while at the same time providing for a lower noise level.

All models of the new CMS generation** are equipped with a clamping and cutting device as standard, and are also available with 2x16 clamping and cutting points as an option (Fig. 3). A particular advantage: the separate supply of up to 32 individual yarn feeders, e.g. during sequential knitting or when using very different yarns.
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