Space-E/Modeler&CAM Ver4.5+Space-E/DirectTranslator Ver1.6+Space-E/DRAW Ver1.8

Space-E is an innovator of an entirely new way of manufacturing in the die and mold
industry. It consists of Windows-based hybrid surface/solid modeler and intelligent CAM which generates NC data automatically with its machining process design capability
Hybrid Surface/Solid Modeling
Amazingly powerful surface functions including blending, filleting, and surface-matching; enables intricate die designs.Easy-to-operate but accurate solid modeling defines functional components such as bosses or ribs effectively.

- Healing and Tolerant Modeling
This is the hybrid environment between surfaces and solids. Healing/Tolerant modeling allows you to convert ambiguous surface borders into exact solid structures.
Support of 2D Drawings
You can easily layout projections or section drawings of surface-solid mixed data. Removing hidden lines or dotted line displays are handled automatically. You can export your 2D layout data to other 2D drawing CAD systems in DXF format.