PAM-STAMP 2G 2005 (C)Esi Group

PAM-STAMP 2G is a complete, integrated, scalable and streamlined stamping solution. It covers the entire tooling process from quotation and die design through formability and try-out validation.
Rapid Die Design
With its robust and fast parametric surfaces engine, PAM-DIEMAKER allows focusing on rapid draw die design and optimization. It also ensures optimal data transfer with
user's standard CAD geometry.

Fast Feasibility Assessment
With its new incremental formulation PAM-QUIKSTAMP enables a quick evaluation of the draw die design.
It represents the optimal compromise between accuracy and computation time.

Simulation for Production Validation
With its newly re-engineered platform PAM-AUTOSTAMP allows the final validation of the whole process. It includes quality control, tolerances, trimming, improved springback and flanging.