NOVACAST v2.92 r1

NovaFlow&Solid (for simulating and optimizing casting processes), ATAS (process control of gray and ductile iron), PQ-DIT for production of ductile iron and Foundry Technology III and MetalMaster, which are both used for methoding and planning prior to casting. The market for these products is primarily among iron foundries and pressure die foundries in the whole world.

NovaCast has also developed and patented advanced programs for serial production of compacted graphite iron (CGI), which are marketed as PQ-CGI (Prime Quality Compacted Graphite Iron). The market consists of foundries specialized in casting components to the automotive industry, e.g. engine blocks, cylinder liners, etc. Most of the larger manufacturers of diesel engines have been evaluating the material for a number of years and the market will expand considerably in the coming years.