Asap v2006 (C)Breault Research Organization

Industry applications for ASAP include automotive, architectural and specialty illumination design, simulation of laser systems and other coherent devices, stray light analysis of telescopes and space-based imaging systems, display modeling, complete biomedical system modeling, and micro-optical device modeling through FDTD interoperability.

In the ASAP 2006 release, BRO's development team has focused on interoperability, process automation, and analysis workflow, following best practices outlined within the SEI CMMI Capability Maturity Model.

New features in ASAP 2006 include:

CAD Export: Enhanced IGES export with default and user-definable trimming options
CIE Analysis: Enhanced data display, renderings, and tests for CIE color analyses
IES Import/Export: Import and export energy distributions in this popular file format
Quick Start Toolbar: Access interactive scripts for bio models, arrays, and lens creation
Path Explorer: A fast, flexible, and powerful tool for analyzing ray paths in optical systems
Tolerancing: New sensitivity and compensator features with reporting capabilities
These and previously existing features enable ASAP users in 35 countries to model and analyze the finest details of optical systems, which means users can depend on their simulations to mirror real-world performance. ASAP analyses validate designs and support smooth transitions to manufacturing.