CoWare SPW v5.2

SPW Libraries Speed HSDPA Design
CoWare SPW is a complete platform for design and verification of DSP algorithms. Its up-to-date communications and multimedia source code libraries are transparently accessible, providing unmatched value for standards explanation and design. The 3GPP library is Release 5 compliant with the newly-added executable end-to-end system models of the HSDPA standard. Using the library, system engineers can rapidly create an accurate model of the system, incorporate their differentiating components, and then simulate the system under different scenarios to optimize the system performance. Leveraging SPW’s high simulation speed, users can now explore many system options. And, with source code delivery and powerful PolyModel, designers can use the library as a starting point for detailed fixed-point design. Because the SPW HSDPA library was developed from active participation in the standardization process and with many years of experience developing 3G UMTS/WCDMA models, second-guessing of written standards proposals is eliminated.