CAMTOOLS V3.419 (C)Graphic products

cam-tool V3 version3.3 has evolved, adding “Repositioning/Replacing of Approach” and “Editing of Horizontal Arc Approach”, etc. in order to quality improvement of the machining, as well as enhancing some CAD functions, like “Trim-Surface” and “Layer- Browser”, etc.

Reduction of CAM operation time has been also achieved, enhancing “Extract Machining Area” and “Calculation Condition Sheet / Common Setting”, etc.
Work-Plane Management (Reducing the operation time for creating NC data)
Reduces the operating frequency of work-plane control, and improves the operability

concerning multi-directional machining, uniting the management of work-planes (defined directions).Enhancement of “Output Image” (Shortening the setup time for the machining) Enables to output the multi-view images at once. (In the previous versions, it was impossible.) That makes creating of the “Machining Process Sheet” and “Machining Setup Sheet” easier.