3D Electromagnetic-Field Simulation for High-Performance Electromechanical Design
Maxwell?3D is the leading electromagnetic design software for the simulation and analysis of high-performance electromagnetic and electromechanical components common to automotive, military/aerospace, and industrial applications. Maxwell 3D provides users a virtual laboratory on their desktop to study static, frequency-domain, and time-varying electromagnetic fields in complex 3D structures.

Maxwell 3D v11 features a new Microsoft Windows?based user interface that provides a highly integrated architecture, unmatched automation, and productivity enhancements. This new release maintains Maxwell's reputation for accurate electromagnetic-field computation while redefining the term "user-friendly."

What's new in v11?

Transient with expanded rotational motion
One moving object and two stationary objects
Non-cylindrical rotation
Electric field and conduction solver integration

Integrated 3D modeler featuring ACIS v14 and MFC technology
Standard primitives and multi-sweep functions
Boolean operations: union, subtraction, intersection
AnsoftLinks?(cost option) for import of Pro/E files

3D automatic, adaptive mesh technology
Fault-tolerant meshing algorithms
Mesh-generation feedback to the solid modeler
GUI performs validation and integrity checks
Software identifies artifacts of imported geometry
Mesh-based model resolution

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