Agilent_GENESYS 2006

In addition, the Agilent GENESYS 2006.10 release includes:

Faster simulations -- All simulations run 3-15 percent faster than the previous release. DC analysis provides as much as a 10:1 speed improvement compared with GENESYS 2004.07.
Better linear analysis -- Linear analysis is more accurate, creates persistent data sets and has an improved equation processor.
Model improvements to MCURV, MIDCAP, AIRIND2, Stripline bend, MCR and Stripline tee -- A new 2-port dataset part was also added, and dataset models now support Y-parameter input.
New ConvertToQrtrGrid script -- This script converts all symbols on a schematic to a quarter-grid for schematic and synthesis designs, allowing for alternate component alignment.
Substrate sets in designs -- A substrate set can be included in the design, and models can have private substrates.